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Alfa Products & Technologies (or APT) is a Belgian SME company. It designs and sells innovative rail technology world-wide. These products include measurement devices for the inspection of rail and wheel quality, vibration and noise monitoring devices. APT has a highly skilled technical staff with engineers holding doctorates in mechanical engineering and with engineers having over 30 years of experience in track and rolling stock dynamics. APT carries out noise and vibration simulation studies for railway projects worldwide. APT has the appropriate measurement equipment and simulation tools. APT has several European and American patents with respect to railway noise and vibration mitigation. APT has been involved in several research projects such as Urban Track, Qcity and Squeal. The company has several years of experience in the Research and Development of railway applications for noise and vibration mitigation, measurement devices and inspection systems. APT is member of several ISO and CEN working groups related to rail vibrations and maintenance.

Role in the project

APT will lead WP2: the development of engineering tools and test procedures for the performance assessment of vibration mitigation measures. APT will also carry out the vibration measurements required within WP4 (validation of measures and procedures). The company will also participate in the drafting of new proposals for standards (adaption of existing standards for passenger rail traffic to freight traffic). Finally, APT will contribute to the dissemination of the project’s main results.

APT has experience in managing EC research projects and hence APT will assist coordinator TNO with administrative help for carrying out the management tasks.

Reason for participating

Participation in the CargoVibes project will enable APT to further develop its scope in the railway inspection and monitoring industry. The benefit for the consortium is that APT has a staff with a very large experience in railway vibrations having worked outside Europe and very familiar with the difference between passenger rail vibrations and freight rail vibrations. Expertise about rail track maintenance, experimental and numerical rail dynamics, etc. will be used to assist other partners.

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Project Co-ordinator

TNO – Nederlandse Organisatie voor Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek, NL

Joke Luyten


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